Comedy Bio:

Andrew Hartley and Emma Kerson got dance married on Valentines Day forming Common People, after deciding that stealing the name Hot Buttered Souls from another artist was unacceptable. Tina Fushell’s boyfriend calls their work “introspective dance-comedy”! All things considered, they are relatively successful.  Cumulatively, they have appeared in less than ten flash mobs, presented work in Saint John, and applied to the Rhubarb festival thrice (to no success).  Andrew and Emma currently have four web series in development: The Waiters, Andrew and Emma Search for Work, Andrew and Emma Search For Work: Phone Calls From Established Artists (a spin-off series), and Is This Success?  They have to fight for every dollar.  Andrew and Emma teach Contemporary Dance Birthday Parties (a sure sign of tanking careers). For an extra $35, you can get a special performance to Birthday by The Beatles! For an additional $100, they will provide the birthday cake. Choice of flavours include: lemon-cat-hair and chocolate-fudge-hard-to-make.

Comedy Board of Directors:

Virginia Woolf
Walt Whitman
Bob Fosse
Maurice Hall (from Maurice by E.M. Forster)
Elaine Stritch