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Government Funding Bodies:
Toronto Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council

Residency Support:
Dancemakers Centre for Creation


Individual donors:
Allison Cummings, Peter Kelly, Heidi Strauss, Jessica Brown, Kenny Pearl, John Hartley, Freya Sargent, Christianne Ullmark, Peter Brown, Danielle Baskerville, Alina Velieva, Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, Marie-Lucie Tarpent, Zora Gleiman, Bonnie Kim, Christine Birch, Ni Ha, Caryn Chappell, Heather MacPhail, Juanita Suarez, Alana Elmer, Michelle Silagy, Pat Fraser, Lilya Sultanova, Ann St. John, John Smol, Gail Lazenby, Christine Moynihan, Sylvie Desrosiers

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